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Microcurrent innovation with a strong medical foundation

Avazzia, developer of the Ezzi-lift microcurrent device, has designed medical technology for professional and consumer use since 2004. The Ezzi-lift device includes patented microchip technology designed by the engineer who created the “logic” chips used in Apollo moon missions, F-14 and F-15 jets, and an admittedly well- known aircraft, Air Force One.

Benefits of Ezzi-lift

  • No downtime, redness or puffiness
  • Hand-held and operates on AA batteries
  • No gels or cream required for use
  • Targeted eye, full face and body treatment options
  • Adjustable power levels for personalized therapy


Achieving optimal results begins with healthy expectations

As with any facial treatment, or health and wellness device, personal results from micro-stimulation treatment varies based on individual circumstances, personal health history, diet, age, exposure to weather, other health issues, or adherence to treatment schedule. Even fatigue and hydration may impact outcomes. Results from single micro-stimulation treatments can last for up to 10 days after application. Improvements are subtle and natural.

Over time, noticeable improvements accumulate for more impressive and longer-lasting results. Weekly treatments are recommended, with touch-ups in between, for best results.